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Back to School Safety: Sonoma County Firefighters Share Crucial Tips for a Safe School Year

Back to School Safety Reminders from your Professional Fire Fighters of Sonoma County!

As we welcome the new school year, your local firefighters urge our county to prioritize safety for our kids and everyone on the road. Let's make this school year a safe and smooth journey for all!

1. Respect the School Bus: NEVER pass a bus with the stop sign out and/or lights flashing. The safety of children getting on or off the bus is paramount.

2. Maintain Safe Distances: ALWAYS keep at least 2 cars' lengths between you and a bus. Allow the bus driver clear vision and space for any unforeseen circumstances.

3. Plan for Delays: With bus stops, expect minor delays in your commutes. Patience and caution go a long way in ensuring everyone's well-being.

4. Stay Vigilant: ALWAYS watch out for kids in or crossing the road. Young pedestrians can be unpredictable; be extra cautious in school zones.

5. Listen to the Driver: Kids should ALWAYS follow the directions of the driver. Encourage our little ones to obey the driver's instructions for a safe trip.

6. Buckle Up: Kids should ALWAYS wear their seatbelt on the bus. Seatbelts are a must for a secure journey, even on school buses.

7. Be Prepared: Know your bus stop or walking route home and a few alternative routes. Preparedness ensures a safe journey, no matter the circumstances.

Let's make safety our top priority this school year. Share these back-to-school safety tips and help protect our community's future!