Medic Ambulance

Medic Ambulance

Professional EMS Responders of Sonoma County represents those of Medic Ambulance in the Sonoma County Division.

Medic Ambulance, a family-owned company, began operating in Solano County and has grown since its beginning in 1979. Hosted by the Sonoma County Fire District, we are able to respond out of our local SCFD firehouses to better serve our community.

Currently, this affiliate holds 14 individuals that consist of both EMTs and Paramedics.

This affiliate is aiming to grow in numbers as more members are welcomed with the anticipation of operating under the new EOA coming in 2024.

At this time, our affiliate members and fleet are stationed at SCFD Stations 1 and 7 (Windsor and Forestville, respectively), as well as station coverage at 2 (Larkfield), offering immediate Advanced Life Support response to the West County areas.

Additionally, our affiliate runs a BLS division that is deployed locally out of Santa Rosa.

We use the newest and highest rated technologies and equipment for safe and efficient care.

We have worked side by side with SCFD in aiding the local community in natural disaster preparation during the winter storms, being involved in community events at our local Forestville Youth Park alongside our fire crews, as well as involvement in multiple blood drives within the fire stations.

Our members also provide educational awareness to local communities and schools.