Graton Firefighters

Graton Fire Protection District

Originally recognized as Gray Town, Graton is a small town located in Sonoma County, Northern California.

The Graton Fire Protection District was founded in 1951 when the community was still predominantly a farming town. A World War 2 air raid siren was affixed atop the old train station that took people and cargo from the Russian River to San Francisco.

The old train station became the beacon of this small community nestled in the hills between Santa Rosa and the California Coastline.

When people in the community needed their firefighters, they would race down to the firehouse and press the button on the side of the building to alert fire personnel to respond. Mostly farmers would then leave their fields to go help someone in need, only to return after and complete their work in the fields.

As time carried on and phones became more abundant, a business owner in the downtown area would receive a phone call from dispatch before heading down to the fire station to sound off the siren.

The business owner and the firefighters had a code that depending on the number of spin ups in the siren, was the type of call for help it was. Over the years more technology has become available to firefighters for alerting when there is a call, yet the Graton siren continues sounding to this day.

Since September of 2020 Graton has become a combination department that has hired 6 full-time career firefighters to serve and protect the over 8,000 citizens that make up our small rural community.

The Graton Firefighters care for 26 square miles that make up the district and respond to over 800 calls for service a year, of those calls the siren sounds for larger incidents to alert the public when someone is in need.

The Graton Firefighters are committed to protecting our small town and ensuring that when there is a need, we will be there.

As advocates for safety, we strive to provide the best service to our community possible by committing to excellence in public safety.